How did i get rid of hives (my story)


Hello, I’m David Summers and I would like to share my story.

You: Hi, David… LOL


OK. There I go..


“When I was a little boy, whenever I broke out in hives my mother would send me over to her mother’s house, my grandmother. And she would tell me stories about why do we get hives. I’ve never heard these stories, except from her, so I don’t know if she made them up or if they’re just part of the folklore. She told me that when she was a little girl her cousin would tease her to go to the “The Witch’s House” and talk to the lady they called “The Witch.” The thing was that the witch didn’t mind being called that,  and my grandmother always approached the house scared, and every time The Witch would befriend her, take her in, tell her a story and she’d leave, always feeling better. Her friends told her that The Witch put a spell on her, which scared her every time, yet she would still go back for more.


Well, one day The Witch told her a story about when she was a little girl and how she was always concerned about getting too close to the Black Lake. The Black Lake, they told her, was haunted and would pull young girls in from the shore and drown them, if they didn’t take a certain path to the shore…. “. The Legend says the demons shall ask one question. If you get it right. You’ll be given the secret to knowledge and be pulled back from the lake. If you get it wrong, you become one of them.


The witch did it. She didn’t reveal the secret question to my grandma and my granny believed her.

So whenever I asked my grandmother about something like: how did I come to life? She would reply: well, the witch says…


Of course, a lot of things that I learned from the witch unlimited knowledge was wrong. Yet the witch got one perfectly right!


The witch knew how can I get rid of hives fast. Castor Oil. Whenever I got hives I massage the affected area and in a few hours my life continues like nothing happened at all.

[sorry] No picture, I can’t show you my butt.

Well 6 months ago, I broke out in hives but this time my magical cure didn’t work. It made my rash tolerable but it couldn’t get me rid of it.


I consulted a dermatologist to see if there is something serious this time.

The doctor reassured me saying it’s not a big deal. It would go away on its own and there you can take neoclarityn (antihistamine) 5mg every morning for faster results. Bummer.


3 months so far. Don’t panic. No worries…


The next visit he gave me epinephrine shots in his office. It worked at least for a week or so, then I’ve broke into urticaria again plus angioedema this time.


The last thing he did is he gave me Sulfasalazine tablets. Thank God, finally. Since that day I’ve never gotten hives anymore and I’m surely not looking forward to it.


My only regret is that I paid a pretty sum of 213$ to find a solution. If only I had the chance to read “Urticaria No More”. I would be paying way less than that.

The most important thing is to NOT scratch! You’re going to make it worse.


Hives are really common and there is no one size fits all treatment. What worked for me indeed, might not work for you But You can try different solutions. What the heck? You’ve got nothing to lose.